3rd Quarter Monthly Holiday Opportunities

Are you looking for another touchpoint to use on social media and/or a way to reach out to your home buyers? Make sure you are including monthly holidays. You can use template images, create your own images or take it one step further and post a video regarding the holiday. Here are a few upcoming ideas:



  •  Independence Day (4th)
  •  National Ice Cream Day (21st)



  •  US Coast Guard Day (4th)
  •  National Friendship Day (4th)
  •  National Just Because Day (27th)
  •  National Eat Outside Day (31st)
  •  Back to School (varies)



  •  Labor Day (2nd)
  •  Grandparent’s Day (8th)
  •  September 11th Remembrance
  •  1st Day of Fall (23rd)