Ten Action Steps To Realize Your Future You

Get organized and motivated with these tips for making your business and personal goals a reality this year. Whatever your future goals, document them on a vision board so you can look them over every day. Having these visual images at your immediate disposal will motivate you to do what’s necessary to make your future you become a reality. Here are the 10 action steps to help you realize your goals for your future you.


  1.  Set goals for yourself in five areas of your life: family, financial, physical, spiritual, and educational.
  2.  Finish all the unfinished things on your to-do list from yesterday, last week, last month, or last year.
  •  Set a deadline for each goal and seek help when you need help.
  1.  Productivity equates to prioritizing goals and being proactive. 
  •  Prioritize your actions that will help reach your goals every day.
  1.  Practice “habit stacking.”
  •  Habit stacking is coupling new habits you need to achieve your goals with established habits you’ve already incorporated into your daily work life that enable you to be efficient and productive.
  1.  Have defined start and end times of your workday.
  •  Two positive benefits from this habit: improved productivity and improved sleep quality.
  1.  Be relentless about you magic number.
  •  Your magic number is the number of listings you need to have at all times in order to exceed your monthly income requirements.
  1.  Be relentless about being of service to others. 
  2.  Be relentless about tracking your money, bills, and investments.
  3.  Be relentless about tracking your productivity. 
  •  You do not have 365 days a year to be productive, so track the days you do have.
  •  You’ll see you have a series of days to be productive, so use those stretches wisely.
  1.   Be relentless about your fitness and nutrition.
  •  You must be healthy to achieve your goals for your future you.


*Courtesy of National Association of Realtors