5 Fun Father's Day Activities

There is no better way to appreciate a father than to spend quality time with them. So here are a few fun activities that you can do for Father's day.

  1. Make Him Breakfast - Make your dad feel special by bringing him some of his favorite breakfast foods. Whether you cook it yourself or pick something up, he is sure to appreciate it.

  2. Go Fishing - Fishing is a classic Father's Day activity and provides the perfect atmosphere to stand side by side with your Father and catch up on life.

  3. Rent His Favorite Car - Has your dad always dreamed of driving a Porche, Ferrari, or maybe a new Tesla? Rent one for a few hours and take a drive through a scenic part of town.

  4. Lend A Hand - From home improvement projects to landscaping to fixing or tuning up the car, taking some time to help finish a long-term project is a great way to spend time with your Father.

  5. Catch A Game - Many stadiums have Father's Day deals, so check your local teams and keep an eye out for discounts.

Source: www.rd.com

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